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19 For 19 - 5. Haley Taylor Schlitz

Do Something - January 1, 2020

Like lots of teenagers, Haley loves Fortnite and Black Panther. Unlike most teenagers, she graduated high school at 13, finished college at 16, and is headed off to law school this fall. Her plan after practicing law: Become a professor and start a school.

“Children of color in our education system...don’t have [equal] opportunity,” the DoSomething member says. “[I want to] change the public school system.”

Haley took to Twitter to advocate for representation and equality. She spoke out to support DoSomething’s #RedefineBlack campaign, which, thanks to a social media blitz from DoSomething members, successfully inspired online dictionaries to update its definition of “Black,” which had previously included “soiled or stained with dirt.”

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