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2022 Graduate to Become SMU Law's YoungestShe's brilliant, she's graduating from law school, and sh

April 25, 2022

Contact: Stephen Fashoro (

DALLAS (SMU) – At the tender age of 16, Haley Taylor Schlitz was accepted into nine different law schools across the country. She chose SMU’s Dedman School of Law.

Three years later at the age of 19, she is now poised to become SMU’s youngest law school graduate, ever. In her three years at Dedman School of Law, Haley has made a name for herself as an author, public speaker, and respected thought leader on the issues students of color face in navigating gifted and talented programs in public schools.

And Haley knows where she is going: After she graduates from SMU Dedman Law on May 13, she hopes to work on education policy issues for an elected official or non-profit organization. Haley is also interested in increasing the opportunities for gifted and talented girls and students of color.

"I really want to help students realize their potential even if they can't home-school," Taylor Schlitz told the Dallas Morning News. "I want to help families open their eyes to the opportunities that they don't even realize are there."

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