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Better Make Room - October 23, 2018

Sixteen is an interesting number in our society. For a girl, it is perceived as “sweet”, and a rite of passage to becoming a woman. In many ways, sixteen can define who you think you are and what you can be. I am very aware of this paradox because I am 16 years old.

Think back to your junior year of high school. What was life like? What was important or popular? Did you have an idea as to what your life purpose would be? My journey to my version of “16” started when I was 11 years old. It was at this point in time I realized that in order to discover and create my life’s purpose, I had to move past the way education has been designed. I had to move past high school. I was motivated to prove that I had the academic ability to start college early. I had to find a path that allowed me to pursue the “me” I wanted to be.

“I understand that the only way to know your limits is to test them. In order to be great and realize our full potential as human beings on this earth; we cannot be afraid to be bold or fail.”

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