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15 year-old excels during first year​

TWU Lasso - February 7, 2018

First-year Haley Taylor Schlitz probably doesn’t look like anyone out of the ordinary to her classmates at TWU. Only a few unique details set Schlitz apart, but those details are remarkable.

For one, she is just 15 years old, and if that information isn’t surprising enough, she isn’t really a first year, either. This is Schlitz’s first semester at TWU, but she has entered in as a junior who will complete her undergraduate degree in three semesters.

Schlitz’s journey to being a 15-year-old Junior at TWU isn’t what one would expect. She wasn’t an identified child prodigy who has accelerated through school. Rather, her genius was hidden behind her boredom.

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Haley Taylor Schlitz

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