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Diversity In Action Names Haley Taylor Schlitz As A 20 Under 20 Honoree.

June 16, 2020

Diversity In Action released today that Haley Taylor Schlitz has been selected as one of their 20 Under 20 honorees. The list highlights young innovators who are already making a difference in our world.

"From the sciences to entrepreneurship and the arts, kids are already making a big difference in their communities and beyond. Diversity In Action presents our 20 Under 20 list of innovative young people who have already achieved greatness."

"At 17, Haley Taylor Schlitz can check off college graduate, university student senator, global youth adviser, public policy advocate, author and keynote speaker on her list of titles earned. In a couple of years, she hopes to add law school graduate.

"I want to be able to use my law degree to amplify my voice, to make policy and rules on cases - if I become a judge -- that impact education," she says.

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