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Gifted 16-year-old student will use new license -- to drive herself to law school

Good Morning America, ABC - March 20, 2019

Most 16-year-olds have their sights set on the open road with their shiny new driver's license in hand, but Haley Taylor Schlitz has her eyes on a much more profound prize: a law degree.

The Texas native has already been accepted into nine law school programs and said she wants to continue her educational journey in law to "help other students and fight for equity."

Schlitz joined "Good Morning America" along with her dad, William, to discuss her path and how they created opportunities to fast-track her education beyond the walls of a traditional classroom setting, where her talent, they say, was overlooked.

Schlitz said her parents decided to homeschool her when they noticed she wasn't motivated and her grades started to fall.

"I started to become more worried about what my peers thought of me rather than my grades and so my parents decided to pull me out," she explained. "That and I couldn't get into the gifted and talented program, and then they homeschooled me."

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