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Meet the 16-Year Old Genius Who Has Just Been Accepted into 9 Law Schools

Black - March 21, 2019

Dallas, TX — Haley Taylor Schlitz, a 16-year old teenager who graduated from high school at the age of 13, is now set to attend classes at Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law, one of the nine law schools that accepted her, according to the American Bar Association.

This coming May, Haley will graduate with both an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree. In the upcoming summer, she will be attending a six-day program with the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington for incoming law students.

Haley was homeschooled in the fifth grade due to her parents’ disapproval with the quality of education in her previous public school.

“I was just being taught to pass the end-of-the-year test to get to the next grade,” she told Texas Lawyer. “I wasn’t being taught to learn.”

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Haley Taylor Schlitz

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