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Ted Cruz's Remarks Towards Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson Were Problematic

March 23, 2022

“This is not a normal day in America.” These were the opening words of remarks made by Senator Cory Booker in the confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Those eight words captured what so many of us, especially Black members of Gen Z, are feeling as we watch HERstory being made this week.

At the same time, history is a funny thing. We like to think it is about truth and ensuring that future generations of our nation are aware of our past so we can learn from our mistakes and successes. We like to believe that we can all agree on that history and realize that no nation or people are perfect.

If you were watching the start of the confirmation hearing this morning for Supreme Court of the United States nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson you would see just how easy it is to deliberately attempt to mislead and ignore the truth. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee spent their day laying the groundwork for their case to attack and discredit Judge Brown Jackson and ensure that a new history of our nation is portrayed that is sanitized of all the realities we have experienced as a nation.

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