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Teen from Keller eyes career in politics after meeting Kamala Harris

August 19, 2020

DALLAS — Haley Taylor Schlitz was always told she could be anything she wanted to be.

So she became a harpist and a pianist.

She is a public speaker and a pageant winner.

She graduated from high school at 13, earned her undergraduate degree from Texas Woman’s University at 16, and was accepted to five law schools before turning 17.

“My mom always says that if we see it, we believe we can do it,” Haley said.

But this gifted child prodigy had never really seen herself as president until someone who looked like her became a candidate.

Haley was asked to introduce Sen. Kamala Harris at a 2019 campaign stop in Tarrant County.

The then-presidential candidate was speaking in a hotel ballroom in Grapevine.

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