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Top 5 Legal Stories 2019: Lisa Bloom’s Very Bad Year, Facebook in Hot Water, Historic Cannabis News

Shock Ya! - December 30, 2019

Legal news consumption is on the rise–no doubt driven by the urgency of the legal storm surrounding Donald Trump at all times, but also by sea change-type stories of the era such as the data privacy emergency and the global change in cannabis acceptance. Cable news legal experts like CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin are leading broadcasts, new legal blogs are launching every day, and legal stories top web traffic everyday according to ComScore. (Sadly subscriptions are down at our favorite legal news site, Law360, perhaps because they’re keeping their rates–and paywall–too high). Our top legal stories of the year, match MSNBC’s picks–especially in designating an example of MeToo and a celebrity lawyer gone too far.

Screw Prom, I’m Going to Law School

16-year-old Haley Taylor Schlitz of Dallas is headed to start law school. Having graduated both high school and college early, Schlitz was accepted into all five law schools to which she applied. She picked Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law partly so she could keep living with her parents, according to Texas Lawyer.

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