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Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Inspires North Texas Teen to One Day Run for President

November 20, 2020

TEXAS — While campaigning this election season, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris paid special attention to the young girls who attended her events. She’s been known to offer advice and often encourages girls to be leaders in their communities, especially girls of color. Harris’ leadership has inspired 18-year-old North Texas law student Haley Taylor Schlitz to follow in her footsteps, with the goal of running for president herself.

In July, Schlitz was present while Harris virtually addressed hundreds of young Black girls as a featured speaker for the Black Girls Rock! – Black Girls Lead virtual summit. During the two-day event Schlitz and participants had the opportunity to attend workshops on topics including leadership skills and critical thinking.

Haley Taylor Schlitz takes notes during an online law class. (Lupe Zapata/Spectrum News 1)

Haley Taylor Schlitz takes notes during an online law class. (Lupe Zapata/Spectrum News 1)

Harris shared motivation by reminding young Black women their voices need to be heard, and their issues addressed.

“People will be fine when you take what they give you - but, oh, don’t take more. So, I say that to say, there will be a resistance to your ambition,” said Harris during her virtual summit speech. “There will be people who say to you, you are out of your lane. But don’t you let that burden you.”

Schlitz herself is on the fast track for success. She finished high school at 13, graduated at 16 with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Woman’s University College of Professional Education, and after being accepted into nine law schools, she’s currently a second-year student at SMU’s Dedman School of Law.

“I think when I graduate law school, I’ll be really proud to be Esquire Taylor Schlitz. That’s sounds really cool to me,” said Schlitz.

At 18, she has many accolades. A simple Google search of her name is an impressive display of her accomplishments thus far. She’s a proud big sister to her two siblings and as a bold activist for women's rights and racial justice she’s made quite the name for herself. She ran and was elected as a Joe Biden delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Texas, just to name one.

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