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What We Saw in South Dakota Was Nothing But a Disaster on Ice

December 14, 2021

We all knew this day would come. The day we all watched in horror as a video circulated across the internet demonstrating in stunning HD quality just how much we have actually devalued education in our nation.

No, I am not talking about a video of a teacher being assaulted by a student in the classroom.

No, I am not talking about another misguided and ill-informed adult ranting at a school board meeting about a new fake fear like CRT.

Instead, I am talking about a video from South Dakota, which shows that we seem to be willing to equate teachers—and the children they educate—to contestants in some freakish type of Survivor-esque game show, crawling on the floor while the Sioux Falls Stampede and CU Mortgage Direct make it rain dollar bills.

Think I made this all up? Just take a moment to watch the 13-second video clip, where you will see ten teachers on their knees in the middle of a hockey rink frantically scooping up cash that they will be allowed to keep to pay for supplies for their classrooms. Just watch and think about how this makes you feel. I feel dirty and disgusted.

In their frantic apology for hosting and sponsoring this dreadful event, the Sioux Falls Stampede and CU Mortgage Direct shared that 31 teachers applied to take part in the event. Yes, 31 teachers felt compelled to try anything to secure any amount of extra cash to help their students.

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