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Why Kamala Harris’ Senate seat should go to a Black woman

November 11, 2020

It started in the South Carolina Democratic Primary. It concluded on Election Day in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Philadelphia. Throughout the 2020 election, the one fact that is clear is that the foundation and soul of the modern Democratic Party has and is highly likely to continue to be Black women.

Throughout the 2020 election cycle, Black voters, especially Black women, have once again demonstrated the collective power we have to determine election outcomes.

While many pundits and experts spent the year debating what constituency grouping was the most important to winning the 2020 election, Black women understood deeply what we always knew. Our voice mattered and we would not yield that power of self-determination during the most important election of our lifetime.

When Joe Biden was finishing his process in selecting his vice-presidential running mate, it was Black women across the nation that stood together and insisted that our collective experiences be represented on the 2020 ticket. Fierce leaders joined together through Sisters Lead Sisters Vote and clearly stated in an April letter the importance of selecting a Black woman for the ticket.

This united sisterhood became further outspoken as certain parts of the Democratic Party openly attacked Senator Harris and challenged her selection as vice president with demeaning comments like she “can rub people the wrong way.”

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